Life is Live

A true story lasts a lifetime

Life Is Live !

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Where exactly is your phone right now?
How many selfies do you take before you post one?
How many likes do you need to feel proud of yourself?
Do you feel anxious when you have only 6% of the battery left?
Do you check your phone even when you haven't received a notification?
Do you grab your phone as soon as it rings?
How much of your life is live?
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It is estimated that over a billion people worldwide suffer from digital addiction

Digital addiction, which includes addiction to the Internet, mobile phones, social networks, video games, as well as countless apps, is currently the most widespread form of addiction globally, greater than all the others combined.
Although the digital age offers us a number of advantages, excessive time spent in front of screens, technological devices and social networks can have a very negative effect on all aspects of our daily lives, also hiding deeper health and behavioural problems.






Withdrawing into oneself

Weak motivation

Fear of rejection

The need for recognition

Fear of missing something

Current estimates of time spent in front of various digital screens amount to over 20 years of life

Behind every addiction is the need for real live connection. A balance between virtual and real life is possible and necessary.
“A true story lasts a lifetime” reminds you of all the moments you have spent with close people and by yourself, which make life authentic and real.

A touch

A hug

A look into each other’s eyes





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You have support.